This New Year’s holidays Hosta is preparing a 9-day winter forest retreat at Marjetn dom in quiet Idrija’s forest from 25.12.2020 to 2.1.2021. Surrounded by mighty trees, walking paths and a variety of accommodation options, the space offers an ideal refuge for deep relaxation, healing and rebirth.

We are announcing the winter forest retreat with a reserve, as we are dependent on a ban on meeting, but we still hope that things will calm down by then and allow us to go through this extremely powerful healing process known to all indigenous peoples of the world.

Proper stay in the forest, along with prudent speech, behavioural and dietary fasting, is a cure for every human ailment.

Some of you have already gone through it and you know that there is no substitute for it … that there is no stronger nutrient for you and no better cure for distress of any kind. At Hosta, we want to revive the power of the forest and its proper retention in it as the first refuge, where we turn for advice, inspiration, support and medicine. No word can emphasize well enough the power of a lonely and quiet stay in the woods. Allow us to let go of the reins of our lives … to empty the minds of the mental complexity that afflicts desease … to come to terms with all that is bothering us at the moment … so that life can flow through a relaxed body and a liberated mind like reborn blood through veins. The maximum number of participants is 11, invited to the most powerful healing ritual known to man at the time of Christmas, which is dedicated to the celebration of life.

We have matured to revive the gifts we inherited as children of Life and it is time to learn to use them. The conditions in which these givens awaken are loneliness, silence, the forest, and the support of someone who is just a step ahead of you in this, for no one can be there already. The retreat is affordable, the accommodation is payable with a voucher, and the New Year holidays, which our society has subjected to noisy and excessive consumption, seem perfect for spitting us out of their millstones and throwing us into the guts of the forest. Fasting from excessive thinking, talking, acting, feeding, rushing, noise and crowds.. that don’t allow us to relax… will rejuvenate, clarify, and heal you like nothing else.

More details of retreat

The retreat is for adults over 18 up to a maximum of 11 participants. 

QUESTIONS by phone 031 481 014 or at

FROM THE CONTENT Forest retreat is intended for the care of your naturalness and sponteniety. This means that on the retreat you are completely free and responsible for your moves. You can do as you see fit at any time and you can always leave without asking anyone or explaining anything. Therefore, the forecast below is a proposal that has proven to be effective in its intention to clarify and cure, and by no means an unchanging program.

The retreat starts on December 25, 2020 at any time until the evening at the location of Marjetnga dom in Dole near Idrija (map). The first day will be dedicated to arrival, moving in, arranging formalities and getting to know each other. The second day will be dedicated to common tasks, learning about the walking environment and beautiful natural locations. This day is dedicated to adjusting to a three-day fast. How broad and intense this fasting will be, we will agree on this day and personalize the fasting for each participant. Fasting from socializing, talking, daily tasks and contacts is already built into the very change of the environment, and in fasting we generally stick to three days without food, in which we give the body the opportunity to clean all the ballast it does not need, with support of Himalayan salt and lemon. We’ll judge on the spot how someone needs this and maybe suggest fruit-vegetable foods or simple dishes that support cleansing to someone instead of a full fast.

On the third day, we enter a three-day solitude, silence, and fasting. This is the time of preparation of the, so called, threshold of consciousness, in which man is receptive to the influx of novelty, which seldom happens in the daily hustle and bustle of the mental routine. We fill these days with long, peaceful walks in solitude, by gazing at the phenomenon of life, by purifying memories, thoughts, and unfinished events that still hold us away from peace and do not allow us to merge with the moment. There will be some selected reading that will support you in clarity and sift through many mind loops that don’t allow you to grow. In the nearby sinkhole under the tall trees, there is a pleasant, slightly remote corner for a camp fire, where after the end of fasting we will make at least two forest sweat lodges after the shamanic spiritual-physical purification ritual. During fasting, you can gather firewood and burn as much as you want. Fire is a powerful energetic and works wonders in itself.

On the fifth day in the afternoon, when the fast is in conclusion, we set out for the first forest sweat lodge, which is too abundant in its gifts to be desecrated by wording. It’s not mandatory, but it’s highly recommended and won’t leave anyone lukewarm. Already attending a big fire, sitting on the ground, fluttering nudity in the middle of winter, the glow of stars and the moon, melodious songs will take you to an unforgettable rebirth from which you will not come out as you entered it.

After fasting and going through sweat lodge, things will be very different for everyone. Maybe someone will want to continue with solitude and maybe another day of fasting. Others may join a range of workshops and trainings to learn skills that help you nurture personal power on your own and incorporate them into your daily routine. Others may prefer to sing by the fire, play musical instruments, write, draw… express themselves creatively in one way or another. After the day of the break, we will make the forest sweat lodge again on seventh day. After fasting, the clarity of perception increases, the body is also cleaner and gives more correct information, so the old way of eating can be completely renewed. You can also focus your time after fasting on food preparation that suits your purer senses and body.

FOOD: Meals due to the different accommodation options (own or shared kitchen) and due to the variety of needs, this time everyone will bring food with them. I suggest the selected menu and the preparation of a personal box, which should not exceed 6 eu per day… a total of 6 food days up to a maximum of 25-30 eur per person. The box should not contain wheat flour and products, milk and dairy products, sugar, meat, canned and ready meals.

Food box:

approx. 2kg of cereals: brown rice, millet, lentils, buckwheat, rye, corn, soybeans, spelled… (flour, porridge or grain)

approx. 2-3 kg of vegetables: broccoli, pumpkin, zucchini, cabbage head, bind cabbage, carrots, beets, turnips, kohlrabi, leeks, garlic, onions, beans, mushrooms… or whatever you have homemade, can also be fermented and pickled, can tofu and dry soy meat, sauerkraut, potatoes…

approx. 2-3 kg of fruit: fresh and dried apples, fresh and dried pears, prunes, raisins, figs and other dried fruits… whatever you have in storage and we have a natural winter food, frozen forest fruits for making fresh jam, 6 lemons or lime, ginger root

Nuts and seeds: a handful of flax and sesame seeds, a handful of sunflower and pumpkin seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pine nuts…

Oils: a small bottle of sesame or linseed oil, a little pumpkin or olive oil, a glass of ghee (refined butter can easily be made at home)…

Other: 2 l of vegetable milk, soy, rice or oats (for drinks, pancakes, sauces, etc.), a few eggs if desired, if you eat them or to prepare pancake dough, teas and natural herbs, a little homemade apple cider vinegar, homemade fruit juices, syrups…

Spices: Himalayan salt, turmeric, cumin, nutmeg, pimet, curry, anise, fennel, dried ginger, saffron, cardamom, black pepper, cayenne pepper, oregano, basil, parsley, bay leaf and other.

In addition to the suggested food, take yours with you, which I did not mention and which do you good. If you are a carnivore, it is a good idea to refrain from meat during this time, as well as other dishes not recommended above. The proposed food supports and cleanses and is considered a positive food that gives more power than it spends on metabolism.

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