Winter forest retreat (adults)

I am happy to announce the winter forest retreat, which many of you have asked about, from December 24 or 25, 2022 to January 1, 2023. We intend to go to the backcountry of a remote location (upon registration) in the winter comfort of a forest residence and retreat from the worldly hustle and bustle for healing and personal empowerment.

The retreat accepts a limited number of people so that we do not exceed the sleeping quota, the boutique atmosphere, and the intimate relationship with each other. The retreat is a test of maturity, flexible according to the needs, wishes, and abilities of the participant.

In a wonderful, energetically strong location, next to clear flowing waters and rock formations and countless forest corners that will renew you beyond all imaginable limits, this winter we invite you to a winter forest retreat to northern Primorska.

I am happy to be able to offer the possibility of a winter retreat in a warm and powerful location, high above the lowlands, which will effortlessly restore you and set you on your very own track. Since there was quite a lot of demand from your side, I am now all the happier to announce the good news.

I feel you, bright souls, in need of restoration and reinforcement if you rejoice at this news. There was a time when we listened to the mind, now is the time to listen to the heart. The brave will inherit the New Earth.

Now that I’m sitting here at the computer and my attention is drawn by the big crow on the walnut tree outside the window, now the squirrel watching for the last nuts, I’d like to pour it all out on you. Everything that was building up in me and waiting for the right time, I would like to take you by the shoulders, look lovingly in your eyes and hold you close and say: everything is good, you are beautiful and life loves you. Fear nothing, rest in Me. Love and I are still working.

If the retreat will only give you these inner certainties and peace of mind, regardless of the situation you are in, then you will receive the greatest gift that a retreat can give. There is no greater power than a carefree trust in the Flow of Life, in which fears, doubts, thoughts, and excuses have no power over you.

0 We start the departure on 24.12. late afternoon, towards the evening, and we dedicate this day to the arrival, formalities, presentation, and other necessities, which we cannot do at the beginning of the retreat with speech fasting and solitude. If someone cannot come that day despite the late afternoon, they can come a day later on 25.12. as soon as possible.

1 The first full day will be devoted to preparations, setting up the forest sweatlodge, preparing firewood, getting to know each other, getting used to the retreat, and creating a process for each individual.

2 3 4 Three-day comprehensive rest and preparation of the threshold of consciousness (read Forest retreat MeleFemale Please use google translator, the English version is not ready yet). Everyone will be able to build a fire, walk in the forest, listen to the gurgling of water and deeply relax. On the fourth day, in the afternoon, enter the first forest sweatlodge.

5 6 7 Beginning of eating, optional… second sweatlodge, guided meditations, energy protection workshops, training in magical gestures and other power invocations that you can do at home, individual lessons with a caregiver

8 Slow tidying up, last laps of nature, goodbye and departure.

Food: Before leaving, I consult with each one individually. In principle, you need some food according to your taste for 4 days, which everyone brings in a box for themselves. It will be added to the common food in the kitchen and prepared by the of volunteer participants. The box should not exceed the value of 30 euros or so.

With me: As little of everything as possible. You will feel extremely liberated when you arrive on a long break with just one small bag of pajamas, panties, and a toothbrush.

Most essential clothing, hat, gloves, scarf, outdoor seating cushions, cosmetics, and personal belongings, thick blancets.
Notebook and pen.
Dry incense for the sweatlodge (if you have them and want to bless the ritual)
Gardening gloves, perhaps pliers, a folding saw or hatchet, a knife…
Do not carry any reading material with you. This will be taken care of in the ‘home library.

Price: Since I want to invite all who are called by it, I will offer the best possible price, fair for both parties. If there are more of you, I will be able to set a lower price, so applications are preferred as soon as possible, but in any case, it will be accessible and payable in several installments in needed. More soon.

Register using the form below, which you can fill out on your computer or by hand and send to (in translation)

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